Why not another?!

A (non-painful!) deposit for his neuter and first round of vaccinations makes it official… after planting himself in our car port for weeks, Kingsley finally broke us down (what a feat that was…) and made it inside for good.

We opened our door to this face for the past month.

We opened our door to this face for the past month.

Just in time, too; the Tampa skies have been predictably temperamental this week.  It’s hard to fully grasp the nature of Florida weather until you’ve seen a violent downpour flood your backyard while brutal sunshine pounds your bone-dry driveway.  Today one less kitty has to weather (hah!) another week of any of it, and for that I’m 100% sure we did the right thing.

He’d been visiting for months and staying within our fence for weeks, so on my way home from work last Tuesday, I told myself that if he was lying in wait at our back door, he’d come inside with me.  He was, and he did.

Right before everything paid off… poor Joel just shook his head while I parked, scooped him up, and marched inside.

I can already sense how difficult it will be to leave this home, and as he explores every cat magnet of a soft or elevated surface, I find myself reliving our other pets’ introduction to each.

Lucy and baby Bentley on the makeshift bed that is the top of our beer fridge…

…and Kingsley claiming it two years later.

He even inspired me to turn our massive pile of unread newspapers and holiday decorations back into a guest room.   You can finally tell it’s the same blue room where Bentley stayed quarantined as a tiny kitten, and it belongs to Kingsley now, which seems to sit just fine with him.

Hey look! This sill still works!

I really, really hope this is how he sits on couches.

O brother who art thou?

Bentley has warmed to him more quickly, and I know I’ve lost 100% of my readers by this point, but I’ll document last night anyway, damn it!

Bentley doesn’t know how to NOT be submissive to black and white kitties smaller than himself.

Nose to nose

Even Igby doesn’t mind.

After struggling with depression for a literal lifetime, I’m used to equating happiness with some impossibly idyllic milestone or exotic vacation… but my most consistent serotonin rushes come from nights like last night.  I’m not even sure that landing a book deal would will top the company of four healthy, curious, gorgeous creatures during a one-sitting marathon of The Finder on a stormy Florida night (which perfectly mirrored the show’s setting and might have added to the unexpected brilliance of its cast).

Already plotting his break-in…

I’ve never met such a charmer of a creature… he had to have known what it was doing to our hearts every time his little head popped up in the window above our couch.


And even if Lucy prefers him on the opposite side of the screen, she’s growing more willing every day to share her perch with her own mirror image.  But will he miss his access to all those blue jays and gigantic grasshoppers?

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