Already worth it.

My last day of corporate work was ten days ago, and after almost two weeks of self-employment, I’m already 100% confident that I made the right decision.¬†Freelancing is already worthwhile because of….

  • empty aisles in Trader Joe’s on a rainy Friday morning (haven’t worked in a grocery store in almost four years, but I still know the no-lines algorithm)
  • picking up my Little Sister after school & using kindergarten math as an excuse to finger paint
  • that amazed look on her tiny neighbor’s face when I answered “what color’s your blood?” with “same as yours!”
  • working with one cat on my lap & another stretched across the back of my chair
  • and then the bunny hops over and stands on my feet with his little weightless paws
  • paying real-life bills with money I earned online (still feels like magic, no matter how hard I worked at those articles)
  • the bunny moving into my new office full-time and actually using his new litter box(es)
  • writing about stuff like Midwestern towns and music festival lineups and the history of film noir and how to slice vegetables for vegan recipes and the best feminist fashion bloggers
  • turning our guest room (spare room, really… everything ended up here, always) into my new home office and solving all our cohabitation problems as he works from home in the other room
  • working right next to an open window, with at least two of three cats on its sill at any given moment and Lucy’s new favorite spot the blanket and pillow I arranged on this dresser beside me

…seriously, I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

P.S. On another note, the unemployment rate is at its best in more than five years. Five years ago I was still in college, and today, I’m working a job of my own creation. Trust me, the timing isn’t lost on me. I got very lucky.

(How do those stats work, anyway? Did I actually create a job? My old role will certainly be filled soon, and I’m not looking for work, so…)

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