20 Days to Maleficent: First Glimpses at Angelina Jolie’s Evil Fairy Fashion

The Maleficent countdown is in full swing, and that means near-daily shots of That Face, plus a wardrobe that’s never been more appropriate. This was the role she was born to play*, and she’s been dressing for it her whole life, but this time she doesn’t have to play it cool at all. This time, every red carpet is her playground, and she can bust out the black and blood all she wants.

When Maleficent premieres on Friday, May 30, a whole 1265 days will have passed since her last onscreen role. She obviously has more important and fulfilling things to do with her time these days, but I so (selfishly) hope she breaks her own rule and finds some awesome projects in the future. Her voice and mannerisms both exaggerate and render unnecessary the impossible symmetry of her features. Case in point: this epic re-imagining of Maleficent’s most memorable scene in the original Sleeping Beauty

You can tell how much she loved playing this character, and she’s keeping the party going by channeling her on the red carpet too. Everything in Jolie’s style past — from her teen goth years to that shiny black Oscar gown and those bloody wedding tees — has led to this showcase of dark, dramatic looks.

So far, her heels have dripped with fresh-pricked blood, crows have perched across her snow-white dress, and she has draped herself in stunning black beadwork all the way down to the red carpet, all the while showing off her trademark ink.

When clickbaiters drone on and on about her unbelievable “transformation” from wild child to humanitarian, I roll my eyes, and not just because her same-sex relationship is almost always looped in with the “bad behavior” and “rebellious streak” of her late teens and early-to-mid 20′s. It’s also because her role as a mother is at least 75% of it; a woman who’s using her body and time for their intended purposes, sharply contrasting the earlier version of herself, who used them in ways that pushed a few misguided American comfort zones.

And it’s because this stupid notion presupposes some idea that she was so much wilder and cruder than any of her peers at that age, when really she was just the least censored among the Hollywood elite. So when I see her in gowns that showcase her still-growing tattoo collection, I appreciate the fact that she’s way more consistent than anyone’s giving her credit for, and that she still has her coolest tastes.

She’s always followed her own path, and she still does today, and when you combine that instinct with her genetic-jackpot looks, it just happens to turn into Hollywood gold. But she’s not mere Hollywood gold — she has much bigger priorities — so it’s such a treat to see looks like these.

Old Angie is Back on the red carpet, folks. My four favorite looks so far are perfect blends of her own unchanging style and the elegant, dark Maleficent.

Showing off her Clash and Khmer tattoos in black Versace on a British “blue carpet”:


Dripping with blood in these specially made Christian Louboutin heels (she wore an all-black version a few days earlier, and here’s a closer look at these shoes that I’d HAVE TO HAVE if they weren’t inevitably made of leather):

When the cast was asked which Disney movies they’d like to re-imagine next, Elle Fanning suggested Dumbo and Angelina agreed, saying the crows were her favorite. Crows are Maleficent’s favorite, too, and that means she’s as smart as her character, because they’re a damn smart species. Crows can use multiple tools and remember individual human faces.

Basically, I love this dress…

And finally, this Ralph Lauren tube-type deal that reminds me of her Mr. and Mrs. Smith photo calls…

*She was born to play Lisa Rowe and Gia Carangi too, but in a much different and more destructive, unhinged way. It’s ironic that she had to soften and mature so much to be perfect for the most “evil” role yet (though I’d like to see Maleficent’s powers sting more sharply than Lisa’s words).
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