And now I’m the one who feels old. Have you seen The Sign?

I hate “I FEEL SO OLD” memes. I’ve been a sucker for 90s nostalgia since it was still the 90s, so of course I click on those Buzzfeed lists and stream Nickelodeon intros for kicks, but when someone says “CAN YOU BELIEVE IT’S BEEN ___ YEARS SINCE ____”, I just want to roll my eyes.

Yes, yes I can believe it. So should anyone with a calendar or a stable sense of time. Now, our linear sense of temporal reality is for another debate altogether, but can I believe that there are fifteen years between us and Wild Wild West? Yes, and gladly. Time progressed at exactly the same rate for you as it did for me; the fact that you were ten instead of thirty doesn’t change the length of the decade since it happened.

Except I experienced one of those moments myself, and I expect I’ll be doing so with more frequency in the years ahead. When you can suddenly place tangible, familiar memories in time frames that include the word “decade”, it’s weird.

So I shamelessly quoted Ace of Base in a freelance article about signs… then, in one of those weird coincidences that has nothing to do with the universe but still feels weird, Pajiba informed me that this song topped the charts exactly TWO DECADES AGO.

I very clearly recall Casey Kasem introducing these jokers on my white plastic clock radio (the one with an “ocean waves” setting that was actually just radio static). Wow.

Now I feel old too.  And I have Ace of Base running through my head. Thanks a lot, Pajiba.

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  1. Morgan says:

    I’ve been having these a lot lately, and I’m not sure if it’s related to the fact that I live in my hometown (probably) but I’m not sure why it seems to be happening now more than ever.

    Now this is off-topic but I really want to know, since you’re reminding everyone of what feminism already means (YES) what’s your take on ***Flawless from the new Beyoncé album? Or just pop star feminism in general? Please also take into context her remarks about her status as a feminist ( ).

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