Already worth it.

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My last day of corporate work was ten days ago, and after almost two weeks of self-employment, I’m already 100% confident that I made the right decision.¬†Freelancing is already worthwhile because of…. empty aisles in Trader Joe’s on a rainy Friday morning (haven’t worked in a grocery store in almost four years, but I still know the no-lines algorithm) picking up my Little Sister after school & using kindergarten math as an excuse to finger paint that amazed look on her tiny neighbor’s face when I answered “what color’s your blood?” with “same as yours!” working with one cat on. . . keep going

What makes me so special?

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It’s that time of night that feels stagnant and missing from chronology; it’s not technically today anymore, but tomorrow isn’t here yet either. And with a face full of unhealthy monitor glow and a belly full of tea and water, I’m asking myself a question I’ve asked ¬†2351095904 times in the past three weeks. How did I get here? What’s so important about MY life that I just HAD to quit my job to live it? Exactly a week ago, I was waking up for my last day of work at Nielsen. Today (“tonight” feels more appropriate for 2 AM),. . . keep going