Why not another?!

goodbyejune 253

A (non-painful!) deposit for his neuter and first round of vaccinations makes it official… after planting himself in our car port for weeks, Kingsley finally broke us down (what a feat that was…) and made it inside for good. Just in time, too; the Tampa skies have been predictably temperamental this week.  It’s hard to fully grasp the nature of Florida weather until you’ve seen a violent downpour flood your backyard while brutal sunshine pounds your bone-dry driveway.  Today one less kitty has to weather (hah!) another week of any of it, and for that I’m 100% sure we did. . . keep going

Happy birthday, sweet girl.


Today my cat Lucy — my first cat, my first love, the first creature who’s ever trusted and relied on me and me alone (even before I could manage the same) — turns five. I know how loopy and laughable pet birthdays can sound, but is it more meaningless an occasion than a birthday party for a one-year-old human who’s just as oblivious?  For me it’s a tradition that recalls fuzzy memories of sticking candles in cans of tuna fish for my sweet, grumpy Gumball.  I’m thankful for every one of the eighteen August 25s she spent with us, and. . . keep going