Cat bites are NO JOKE.

Public service announcement/pity party post: Soooo… yesterday morning, I tried to prevent a catfight in our car port. I was partially successful, because our two sweet daily visitors got away unharmed… but their yowling rival wanted blood, and my leg was the next best thing. After scrambling onto my car to evade an orange tornado of claws and teeth, I found four tooth-deep holes in my calf. Syringe-flushing them out with hydrogen peroxide was excruciating, but I didn’t want to be a baby (or pay a fortune), so I decided to wait it out and keep writing and hope I. . . keep going

Today, I decided to celebrate life.

Reasons: 1. Medication. I had to go more than a week without my antidepressants because of pharmacy shortages, and in that time, I couldn’t get through an episode of Rita without craving a cigarette (haven’t smoked in years, and the show definitely doesn’t glamorize it), I tried to break up with my long-term partner (who has willingly ridden this psychological roller coaster for years), and I applied for jobs in Seattle and Portland (I’d love to visit, but I’m almost positive my brain would be desperate for sunshine, even if I wasn’t). 2. Writing. The goal of freelancing was to. . . keep going

Depression barged into my relationship again.

At least you have to invite vampires into your home before they drain your life away. Not depression. You don’t even have to know it’s there (but after 26 years, you’d think I would). Last night, when I sat down to write some articles and couldn’t force my brain to care, I tried to fix it by sitting with my gorgeous bunny and staring at the bright moon through our living room window. But it only made me resent my inability to appreciate the beauty of it all, and that’s when I realized it was definitely back. The random sobbing, relationship. . . keep going

Let’s Skip the Theater Dumpsters and Do Some Good with Promotional Freebies

I am not afraid...

Well, well… Angie’s almost back, in all her horned glory. And among a million other ideas she has inspired in me, I thought I finally had a profitable one last night. That’s when Joel & I went to a Memorial Day matinee of X-Men: Days of Future Past. (Because I’m a freelancer now, and I don’t work on holidays if I don’t want to, and I don’t have to settle for the most expensive ticket price range any more. So we’ve had two movie dates in the past month… after a grand total of three in four years.) I didn’t see. . . keep going

This Just In: Angelina Jolie Checks Reporter’s Privilege

Remember how I predicted that Angelina would tie this film’s promotion into humanitarian causes? I guess it wasn’t a big leap to make, but I was right, and I haven’t seen anyone report about it yet. Now that I’ve covered the more superficial first Leg (see what I did there) of her Maleficent promotional tour, it’s time to cover the interviews she’s giving. I’ll be on a hunt for that Elle interview soon, but for now we have this press call with Angie, Elle Fanning, and the director. I keep thinking about how unique this Maleficent promotion truly is.  It’s like. . . keep going

And now I’m the one who feels old. Have you seen The Sign?

I hate “I FEEL SO OLD” memes. I’ve been a sucker for 90s nostalgia since it was still the 90s, so of course I click on those Buzzfeed lists and stream Nickelodeon intros for kicks, but when someone says “CAN YOU BELIEVE IT’S BEEN ___ YEARS SINCE ____”, I just want to roll my eyes. Yes, yes I can believe it. So should anyone with a calendar or a stable sense of time. Now, our linear sense of temporal reality is for another debate altogether, but can I believe that there are fifteen years between us and Wild Wild West? Yes,. . . keep going

20 Days to Maleficent: First Glimpses at Angelina Jolie’s Evil Fairy Fashion

The Maleficent countdown is in full swing, and that means near-daily shots of That Face, plus a wardrobe that’s never been more appropriate. This was the role she was born to play*, and she’s been dressing for it her whole life, but this time she doesn’t have to play it cool at all. This time, every red carpet is her playground, and she can bust out the black and blood all she wants. When Maleficent premieres on Friday, May 30, a whole 1265 days will have passed since her last onscreen role. She obviously has more important and fulfilling things to do. . . keep going

Selling out has come to a glorious end….

Just rejected a lucrative assignment because I was asked to write it “from a Republican perspective”… no matter what happens, this leap was the right one to make. Another order, about “cities going liberal”, doesn’t have any takers yet either. Such a polarizing, catch-all topic would be insulting no matter without the political persuasion, but that extra dash of “real America” elitism makes it hard to stomach. To each their own.