Roll the Credits

Any credits for those pictures?

With the exception of those outdoor shots of me in the black and white shirt (credit to Kasey Kilinski) and the stock photos of public figures (all copyrighted for commercial reuse), every picture on this site was taken by my own hand… including the underwater shot behind those letters in the header (taken off the coast of Grand Cayman) and the background close-up of some white-ish plant at a Michigan farm stand.

Where can I get that font?

I used Always in My Heart by Vanessa Bays to write our names on those “Meet Me” pictures.  The headlines for each post are in Karolina Lach‘s Pompiere, one of my favorite Google fonts.  And the sidebar features Philosopher, another Google font, by Jovanny Lemonad.  I could — and did — spend hours testing out different combinations of fonts.  This is very much a work in progress.

How do you screen comments?

All comments are filtered through the Akismet WordPress plug-in. If it’s not spam, I’ll see it shortly and approve it. If it is, congratulations! You’re in a very big club. 566 and counting…

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