Meet Me

Just riding out another stormy Florida summer alongside my partner, two three cats and a two rabbits with rock star hair.  I’ve been drawing breaths for 26 years and putting words together for almost as many, and now I work full-time as an editor and freelance as a writer.

I’m a vegan who can’t cook (but tries sometimes anyway, just for laughs) and a northerner who can’t seem to escape the sticky South.  This blog might be just the kick I need to finally turn my affinity for teal décor, ever-growing bottlecap collection, and ridiculous chest of college memories into something tangible enough to entertain, inform, and maybe even challenge some belief systems.

So why the pupil in denial? It’s a line from a gorgeous song that turned Damien Rice into the singer laureate of my high school years. I plucked it for a screen name way back when, and it’s stuck with me across various platforms, so I jumped on the URL when I could.

But it represents something very personal too. I have my BA and am still delaying the MFA leap, but I’m foremost a pupil; all of us are. Every interaction and piece of information contributes to our sense of self and alters the way we approach the world. Learning is addictive, and I can’t stop doing it, so I’ll be using this blog for my daily epiphanies and impassioned reactions, and sharing all the stories I read in the process.

Where does the in denial part come in? Everywhere. Head-in-the-sand euphemisms aside, it’s a pretty accurate way of describing the human experience. We deny our own privilege (associating it with guilt and blame, rather than imbalances to correct); we deny the real, long-term impact of our choices in favor of the short-term benefits; we deny our own responsibility to our planet; we deny anything that makes us feel less than unique, less than powerful, less than beautiful.  I want to confront that denial — including my own — and get to the bottom of it.  

The short-term goals are to escape this sauna of a state and keep my neighborhood’s strays fed and safe.

The long term?  Stir language and education into the brew that will make this spinning rock a better, safer, and more just home for every last organism.

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