“Angry Black Woman”? Try Angry White Man

I managed to catch Melissa Harris-Perry on her eponymous MSNBC show yesterday, while waiting for two friends to stop by for a day of downtown Tampa sightseeing. To introduce her brilliantly titled “Now in Color” segment (which pitter-pattered my 90′s kid heart with a panel that included Theo Cosby and Harriette Winslow), she covered a recent New York Times piece that I won’t acknowledge with a hyperlink. In it, Alessandra Stanley analyzes the upcoming Shonda Rhimes production How to Get Away with Murder, starring one of my favorite (and one of the most under-used and underestimated) actresses of our time,. . . keep going

On finally appreciating Florida (and shattering those Chicago delusions) after 25 years


25 years ago today, my mom and I left Chicago and arrived in central Florida to begin a new life. I was two, she was 28 (a year older than I am now… yikes), and almost everyone we loved was suddenly a thousand miles away in breezy Chicago or its soft-grassed suburbs. I was distraught and ungrateful; she was newly divorced and brave enough to make this daunting leap alone. Almost every day since then, I’ve missed Illinois and hated this state. I never adjusted to the weather, I flew back “home” to spend every school break with my cousins,. . . keep going

Already worth it.

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My last day of corporate work was ten days ago, and after almost two weeks of self-employment, I’m already 100% confident that I made the right decision.¬†Freelancing is already worthwhile because of…. empty aisles in Trader Joe’s on a rainy Friday morning (haven’t worked in a grocery store in almost four years, but I still know the no-lines algorithm) picking up my Little Sister after school & using kindergarten math as an excuse to finger paint that amazed look on her tiny neighbor’s face when I answered “what color’s your blood?” with “same as yours!” working with one cat on. . . keep going